Essential Italian Cooking Tools Before and During A Deruta Italian Meal


Italian way of cooking is very creative as well as satisfying, most especially when you have the right kind of cooking tools at hand. To enjoy cooking and preparing an Italian meal, you really need to prepare and use essential cooking dinnerware, cookware, utensils and cutlery. Check out the following lists below to make sure you prepare your favorite Italian food recipe with no lacking equipment.

These are the cooking equipment you need to get when you are preparing an Italian food. Almost all that will be mentioned are a must.

  1. Pasta pot – When cooking a pasta, you need a lot of water so you will need to use an ample pot. For one pound of noodles, you must prepare at least 5 gallons of water but actually there are some who prefer to use 8 gallons. You can use an aluminum cookware or steel.
  2. Chef’s knife – There are lots of cutlery types that are very helpful in cooking Italian foods. But, you need to choose a best one and that should be a sharp chef’s knife which is about 6 inches long. Look for a chef’s knife that is made of carbon or stainless steel. Choose one that has textured, comfortable handle so that your hand will not slip.
  3. Garlic press – Garlic is very important for making different Italian dishes, from presto to promodoro sauce. Thus, you need an aluminum casted press which can handle from small to large cloves. If not, you can use mortar and pestle to mash the garlic.
  4. Grater – Cheese grater is a priceless when it comes to preparing Italian meals. Others stick with the typical four-sided tower shape while some prefers the flat variety. Try a rotary version of grater in order to avoid grating your own fingers.
  5. Colander – When draining vegetables or pasta, a colander is very basic and important. There are different colanders which are made up of different material too. You just need to make sure that you use the big one which is enough to rinse the food you want.
  6. Italian Spoons – The spoon that you will be using for stirring will become your very best friend when you are preparing and cooking an Italian food. Make sure to find one that is made up of wood as wooden spoons do not conduct heat. Thus, making them very ideal and best for stirring soups and sauces.
  7. Baking pan – You will need a baking pan to bake all kinds of Italian baked foods you want. You have the option to take a glass pan from your oven directly to be served on your table where guests can help themselves to freshly baked lasagna, ziti, chicken cacciatore and eggplant Parmigiano.
  8. Ladle – Others go for stainless steel ladle or melamine varieties. Whichever you choose, make sure you have that one long ladle which can handle sauces and soups.
  9. Kitchen scissors – Kitchen scissors are needed at your kitchen when you are preparing and cooking Italian foods. They are very useful for cutting and snipping vegetables.
  10. Timer – Timer is an important equipment when cooking. You can chop, stir, fry to perfection but these will become perfect is timing is right. You need a timer to help you check if everything is done correctly.

Now, you knew what are the essential equipment tools then enjoy cottura!

Once you’re done with cooking, you need to prepare essential equipment to serve the Italian food you prepared. You need to make sure that people who will be eating with you feels like they are in Italy. You can definitely use the following especially when you need to host an italian themed party. Read on to know more.

  1. 2 tier server or tiered serving tray- When you’re serving different desserts like gelato, tiramisu, ricotta cheesecake or any delightful assortment of Italian cookies then you definitely have this one. I am talking about serving your guests during tea party or even during an Italian themed party at your home.
  2. buffet trays – Of course, you definitely need these serving tools to provide your guests selection and aesthetic arrangement too.
  3. tuscan napkin rings – Making sure you serve delicious food and making sure everything is under control, designed well and arranged well is equally important when hosting a party. You can trust Italians as you can use tuscan napkin rings for your napkins. It has a sense of art and aesthetic at the same time.
  4. italian ceramics pitcher – Want to impress your friends not just with your homemade Italian foods but with your new Italian homemade juice? You can use an Italian ceramic pitcher. Your friends will be jealous with your foods and drinks plus the art too.
  5. ceramic salt and pepper shakers – You need this one before and during serving Italian foods. You can use these important kitchen tools when you are still preparing the foods. Even after, you can brag these to the buffet area especially when your guests want more salt or pepper with their foods. Go and make them want your artistic ceramic salt and pepper shakers.
  6. oil and vinegar dispensers – These too are essential to you and to your guests too. You can put these in the table for everyone to have access.
  7. cupcake stand and cake servers – It is needed when you are consuming so much space in your dining table, having a cupcake stand or cake servers can make a difference, You can put other little desserts too,
  8. kitchen coffee mugs – When you are hosting a dinner party, afternoon party or any parties at your own home. You need to give your guests variety of choices.For example, not all loved to drink juice or wine. So, you can prepare coffee mugs for those coffee lovers.
  9. Deruta Serving tray – Have the chance to boast your Italian recipe along with your Deruta collections such as a deruta serving tray.
  10. Deruta utensil holders – make use of art and necessity for this kitchen serving tool. You can share your collections arts and love in Italian pottery while serving your guests.

Now, let me share with you some traditional Italian Meal serving. Did you know that eating Italian meal is a process. If you really want to achieve an Italian-themed party hosted at your own home, you can follow this list in order.

Antipasto – In this process, it means something to nibble on like bowl of fresh fennel and marinated olives with fine Parmigiano-Reggiano and an italian bread along with drinks served.

Primo – This is what you call the appetizer or the first course. Usually, it can be a rice, soup, polenta or even a pasta. Make sure to keep the servings small since the main course will be coming next.

Secondo – This is where you need to serve the main course which is most of the time, meat, chicken or seafood.

Contorno- The main course will be accompanied with vegetables platter. The side dish is the highlight though it is just a simple part of italian dining.

Dolce – Dolce is a bowl of cookies and fruits most of the time

Caffe – End your italian meal with espresso.


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The Italian Way Of Eating



As we all know Italy is the home of many delicacies like pizza, pasta, and other delectable dishes. Did you ever wonder how they manage in getting fit with all those delicious food that are present around them?
Unlike in France where they have a certain diet for preventing obesity that is flooding now in the U.S. But what about other Mediterranean countries like Italy, where obesity is rare despite many delicious delicacies. What would their secrets be? How do they eat? In the next few minutes I will answer all your questions, So grab some drinks and start reading this article.


Base on some studies made around the globe, they showed that Mediterranean-style of diet has many health benefits, like reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. But how is pizza healthy? Even one slice has many calories in it.
In this article, I would like to briefly discuss to you about the some Italian secrets of getting fit.
Secret Italian Diet: Dine leisurely
Being relaxed is important on a diet, you must not rush on eating some delicacies, you need to enjoy each flavor, and savor it. In Italy where you can find many delicious foods, dining leisurely is one of their secrets in staying healthy. It is very important as enjoying and relaxing is an essential part of eating. Always remember that you are not in a fight when dining, you are in a sacred place where the blessing of god is present.
Stop when you’re Full:
Don’t abuse the food that is around you, you need to know when you are full and what is your limit of eating, you need to be aware of the consequences of abusing food. So, stop when you feel that you are full, your body only needs a small amount of nutrition.
Balance Quality and Quantity
Balancing the ingredients is the most important thing in dieting. You need to calculate the macros of the food that you’re eating. From the fat, carbohydrates, protein and many more. In the Italian way of eating, olive oil is an important ingredient, as olive oil has the same number of calories and fat.
Eating Some Fresh Food
Fresh food is one of the most delicious natural food that we can eat. There are many benefits of eating fresh food, as they don’t have too much preservative

This article is for teaching purposes only, and I hope that It can guide you through your journey,

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Importance of Workout Supplements in the Fitness World



Not only in Italy, but also in many various places across the globe. Supplementing is one of the best ways of getting fit.

In Italy, many models and icons mixed their healthy diet and some supplements to boost up their abilities, supplementing is a good alternative way of getting nutrition.
So first, what are these supplement that I’m talking about? Well, this supplements serves as enhancers or boosters in nutrition, muscle growth and endurance. There are many kinds of supplements, but they serve with a single sole purpose, to help us and to assist us in our goal.

In the first part of this article, I would like to discuss the types of supplements that can be essential in your life.

Let’s get started

Supplements are widely used across the globe, commonly on athletes, models and the gym freaks.

In this article, I will tell you some supplements, that can be essential in your growth, commonly supplements that are healthy for both genders.

Whey protein what is whey protein? Whey protein is a type of supplement that has a large amount of protein. Does it fit in both genders? Of course, as the purpose of whey protein is to make your muscle recover from the intense workout that you are doing. Whey protein can also help in your diet as it can fill up your lack of nutrition due to your intense diet.

Multivitamin is also important in getting healthy, as it gives you the different nutrients that you lack.

It is also very essential in your diet as you lack some important nutrition due to the calorie deficit.

Supplements that is present with Fish oil is also important, as fish oil has omega-3s, that can ward some critical illness like heart problems and etc. In the field of building muscle, fish oil is also important as it has some natural protein in it. That can help you gain some muscle.

This article is only for a brief review about what supplements should you take in your body. You must always remember to consult your physician before taking some drugs or supplements.

I hope that this article can help you change your life.

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Fitness Exercise

Fitness ExerciseIf you want to get sexy and healthy, then you’re in the right place. So, I would like you to stop what you’re doing now, grab some coffee, and throw that Doughnut out.

In this article, I would like to discuss to you about the topic of Exercise. In getting healthy, Exercise is the most important or the most crucial thing that you must do in order to achieve a healthy and sexy body. Even if you control your eating and eat some low calorie and low sugar foods, but without exercise you will still suffer from different illness. Therefor I would like to share to you some of my knowledge, about proper workout routines in different age bracket.

Let’s get started.

There are many kinds of exercise, like biking, jogging, running and etc., any type of physical activities that can pump-up your heart rate is considered as a type of exercise.

In children, exercising is pretty common to them as children are very playful, and therefore exerts too much physical activities into their day to day life. The most fitted exercise in children are some simple stretching, as their body is not yet fully develop and is not yet ready to do some intense routines. So stretching their body is enough, no need for intense workout as it can damage their growth.

In Teens, engaging into some physical activities is very important, as their body starts reproducing some hormones that are essential to their growth. As some hormone can lead to some imbalances on the body commonly on male as lack of exercise can create a fat on the chest part of their body called Gynecomastia having a breast like chest. In this stage some intense workout is good for their growth, as it can form their body into a nice shape. Weight lift is one of the best ways in getting fit; I believe that teens are the most fitted in weight lift as it can enhance their strength and endurance.

Adults are the most common one’s who gets very unhealthy. This is because of their lifestyle, some adults drinks and smokes too much that leads into some illness. If you’re an unhealthy adult and currently reading this article. Then you need to change that lifestyle of yours, you need to go out there run like a dog and stop abusing your body. Adults are fully developed and therefore they are legible to do some intense workout like, weight lift or triathlon.

In some Grandpas and Grandmas out there, you’re already living a good life to survive until that moment. So, Light exercises like walking and hiking is the best for you as it won’t injure your body.

I hope that this article can help you in your journey in becoming fit and healthy.

So good luck and stay strong. Always remember that

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


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